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Becoming Of Badd Beauty

The story of Badd Beauty was created with ordinary ladies who don't normally wear a full face of make up everyday but enjoys a little enhancements to feel prettier. A lot ladies enjoy the fabulous look of painting the lips with irresistible lip wear. Badd Beauty was inspired to take the look of a person's normal gorgeous features to the next level. Not only making ladies BAD divas but turning them into BADD QUEENS with simple beauty products. 

Inspiring words written by legendary singer: 

"Visions that can change the world, trapped inside and ordinary girl

She looks just like me, too afraid to dream out loud.

And though it's set for your idea, it won't make sense to everybody.

You need courage now if you're going to persevere."

-- Yolanda Adams

The ultimate goal of Badd Beauty is to please the lovely ladies with fashionable beauty products that are irresistible !!!

Badd Beauty welcomes EVERYONE of any race, ethnic group, culture or gender with LOVE.

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